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Customer Support Service

UNICRES BPO is providing you high-quality services such as sales, Marketing and customer support

In today’s fast-changing world the need for proper assistance and guidance play a vital role in making a good image of your products/services and to achieve this goal of greatness one needs to have an active customer support service/call center support to back up and give a quality touch to their products and services

At Unicresbpo we have experienced employee, with master customer service skills.we are providing services with the right set of customer service skills when hiring our employee, who will be taking care of your customers.

We at Unicres follow the ethics and value your customer. We are following the customer service skills that really matter for your customers such as patience, attentiveness, clear communication skills, knowledge of the product, ability to use positive language, acting skills, time management skills, ability to read customers, goal-oriented focus. Unicres is one of the leading online customer service and customer support company for your offshore outsourcing needs.

“We are committed to giving a good and best customer support service for your products/services 24/7 and 365 days a year to your users”

What We Offer:

Customer Support Services

At Unicres, Islamabad, Pakistan, Inbound and Outbound call center, customer support services are offered with a wide range of experience and knowledge. Call center solutions provided by Unicres will save our clients up to 50% of cost and time. Our online customer services are designed to provide maximum productivity to meet the clients demands.

  • Customer Care
  • Customer Support
  • Technical Support
  • Help Desk
  • Appointment Booking

Unicres, Islamabad, Pakistan, Inbound and Outbound call center is working with commitment and dedication to clients as a companion to build and maintain a long-lasting relationship.

Inbound and Outbound call center solutions
24/7 Dedicated and Committed Staff
Best Competitive Rates

“In this modern world each and every opportunity matter and counts, even missing a single call about your business can suffer your business a lot”

Customer support service and call center solutions at Unicres helps you to deal with all of your business call loads, doesn’t matter the calls flow whether the call flow is 10,000 a day, we here at Unicres are keen to facilitate our clients for the extra load of traffic in a dedicated way. Our online customer services agents are working in a professional way to handle your clients politely and promptly.

“Online customer service and customer support at Unicres is what you can count on”
Our call center representatives will not miss even a single call that can help you make your business more successful

This is a very important aspect for those people who want to build a loyal relationship with its users in order to have a satisfactory and everlasting effect on their product/services. At Unicres, we have a dedicated team of call center agents which has experience, quality and the attitude to provide both inbound and outbound call services to your users/customers to convey information and guide people about your product/services in a way which completely satisfy them and make them one of your regulars.

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